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My name is Anna and I am the owner, flower farmer and floral designer behind Forget-Me-Not flower Farm. My farm is in Sooke on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and was first established by my mum as a homestead; now, I carry her legacy through my flowers and by expanding our land from a homestead to a farm.


As a little girl, my favourite thing to do was spend time in the garden with my mum. As a single mum who dedicated her life to her kids, her home and her animals, she taught me how to take care of our land, plant seeds, grow flowers, and how to share that happiness with others. Growing up my mum, my brother and I worked together to take care of this land and build big beautiful gardens with flowers that we shared with family and friends.


My mission is to provide you and the Sooke community with beautiful flowers, that inspire you and fill your life with beauty. Many of the flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants on my farm were planted decades ago by my mum. I use a variety of these established florals in my bouquets and arrangements in addition to my seasonal plantings. In the fall of 2021, I planted thousands of new bulbs that will begin blooming early next spring. All of my flowers are spray-free and grown with so much love.


The majority of my flower offerings are seasonal and grown on my farm, in Sooke B.C., but I do provide the option of ordering different flowers for special events when possible.

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Your Farmer

My mom taught me how to nurture a connection with the earth and with our land and that inspired my career path. As she helped me develop my skills, I started a landscaping company as a teen and ran that for nearly a decade. In 2017, my mum passed away and I took over caring for our family homestead. Slowly, I began growing our land into the forget-me-not flower farm where I am able to share my love for flowers with my community. I have also learned many skills from family friends who run the garden centre at Artisans Garden in Sooke, B.C, where I now teach classes and sell bouquets.

Forget-Me-Nots symbolize true love and represent a promise that you will always remember a loved one. I named my farm in memory of my mum, my love for her and to remember all the time spent together in our family gardens.

The Farm

Flowers Grown at the Farm  May Include



  • Tulips (Speciality)

  • Daffodils

  • Ranunculus

  • Anemones

  • Allium

  • Dutch Iris

  • Peonies

  • Stock



  • Zinnias

  • Strawflower

  • Snapdragons

  • Roses



  • Dahlia

  • Celosia

  • Asters

  • Sunflower


  • A variety of wintergreens for floral designs such as wreaths, swags and arrangements.



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